Dental Cleaning

Dental A.T.P. Packages (Assessment, Treatment, and Plan)

250x250_58086.jpg Why Pet Dental Health is Important: Pets with periodontal disease are vulnerable to pain, bad breath and tooth loss. The chronic infections found in the mouth of pets with periodontal disease can spread to the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys, where they can do even more damage. Call today to schedule a complimentary dental examination with one of our trained technicians to evaluate your pets periodontal disease and provide you with a treatment plan and total fees.

Trail Animal Hospital Dental Packages include: CBC & Chem. 25 (a full blood panel to ensure your pets health prior to anesthesia), examination by the Doctor prior to anesthesia, I.V. catheter, I.V. anesthetic induction and isofluorane inhalant anesthetic, anesthetic monitoring, I.V. fluids, antibiotic injection, and pain injection. A complete dental assessment is performed by the Doctor while your pet is sedated followed by ultrasonic scaling, polish, and fluoride treatment.

250x250_58087.jpg Follow-up care is also included in the dental package; 1. Oral Antibiotics and Pain Medications (up to $20 value); 2. Your choice of one home dental care product or bag of food to fight plaque forming bacteria (up to $20 value); 3. Complementary dental recheck examinations by a dental care technician. Rechecks depends on the severity of disease and is scheduled from 1 to 6 months after the dental procedure.

Periodontal Disease Stage 1/ Gingivitis:
Gum tissue around the tooth is inflamed and swollen and plaque is covering teeth. This is the only reversible stage of periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease Stage 2 to 3/ Early to Moderate Periodontitis: Entire attached gum is inflamed and swollen. Mouth is painful and odor is noticeable. Infection starts to decay and destroy gum and bone tissue around the teeth. The continuing infection destroys more tissue around the teeth which causes loosening of the teeth and bleeding of the gums. Sore mouth affect eating and behavior

Periodontal Disease Stage 4/ Advanced Periodontitis:
Extensive infection is destroying the gum, tooth, and bone. Teeth are at risk of being lost. Bacteria likely to be spreading throughout the entire body via the bloodstream and may damage the kidneys, liver and heart.


The best time to start home dental care is immediatley after your pet's ultrasonic cleaning and polish! With the teeth already being clean they will be even easier to maintain. As studies show in as little as 3 weeks following a professional dental cleaning plaque has already begun to build up. So it is essential to practice some form of home dental care for your pet.

What will happen if I do nothing?

Imagine what human mouths would be like if we never brushed! Dental disease begins as a slime layer covering the teeth and gums. If this slime layer is not removed, it becomes a home for bacteria and tartar. This is what causes the bad breath and the brown color we see on the teeth. Tartar forms five times faster in dogs than humans, so it’s more important for pets to have dental care.

What options do you have?

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the most effective way to control tartar and gingivitis (gum disease). The mechanical action of daily brushing combined with the enzymatic action of CET pet toothpaste provides exceptional results. If performed daily, brushing can remove up to one millimeter of plaque below the gum line. It can also resolve established gingivitis. Brushing will be more effective the more frequently that you are able to do it.

CET Oral Hygiene Chews combine the mechanical activity of a digestible rawhide with the power of Chlorhexidene in a great tasting chew your pet will love. CET Hextra Chews make it easy to ensure the regular use of chlorhexidene which has been proven to prevent plaque build up. Cats have a spongy chew that is made from freeze-dried fish and is medicated with a dual enzyme system. Owners have found a significant reduction in gingivitis for those pets that receive one chew per day.

Aquadent Oral Solution
is an odorless and tasteless liquid that is added to the pet’s drinking water. This solution eliminates the compounds in the mouth, which cause bad breath. The solution also promotes healthy gum tissue.

Hill’s T/D food is a technological breakthrough that is designed not to crumble like milk bones and other dry pet foods. This is how it provides a good mechanical action without you having to actually brush the teeth. It also provides pets with an appropriate restriction of calcium and protein, which are components of tartar. Fed as a complete diet, it will be almost like having the teeth brushed a little every day, and most pets really like it! (The food has a taste guarantee- if your pet doesn’t like it; bring the remaining portion back for full credit). It’s so easy to feed T/D as a complete diet and let your pet help in their own dental care.